Project Preparation and Funding Advise

"Could some public instance fund this project and who should I contact?"

"How much funding could we get in this instance and how can we arrange the rest?"

"Which applications and appendices should we fill and when?"

In preparing, financing, and carrying out development projects there are always many difficult questions to answer. Luckily, a business is not alone with their development plan. TechVilla is used to make businesses life easier by taking responsibility of bureaucracy of project preparation and execution.

The Business Development Consultants at TechVilla have carried out over 100 publicly funded (including over 50 TEKES-projects) with different businesses. Over the years, the Business Development Consultants have established a substantial partner network from where it is quick to find an answer or the right person to negotiate funding.


Miika Lundin, +358 50 577 6217, firstname.lastname[at]

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