International Networks

If one of the following is a challenge for your business:

  • analyzing your company's opportunities for internationalising
  • creating a plan for internationalising
  • researching potential markets for your company's products
  • researching different markets for product requirements
  • preparing for growth and internationalising by M&As for instance
  • finding suitable sales channels for your company's products
  • finding manufacturing partners for your company's products
  • finding partners, who will help your company to establish certain markets
  • finding funding for your company's internationalising or international projects
  • finding partners for EU's research or research and development projects

turn to us - confidentially.

TechVilla will help your company in analysing potential to internationalise, creating a roadmap and plan to internationalise and finding funding and the best experts and partners.


Juha Leinonen, +358 40 1768 712, firstname.lastname[at]

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