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Yhteistyörobotti eli cobotti

WIMMA – We Master the IoT

The project supports the digital renewal of industrial companies and the creation of new business for SMEs using digital solutions.

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Helsinki Ring of Industry

HRI – Helsinki Ring of Industry

The project strengthens the expertise of the Helsinki Ring of Industry area and increases the area’s recognition and attractiveness among international companies, experts and investors.

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Customer experiences

Henkilö esittelee puupaneelia

From wood to far

The office of Elam Oy, which manufactures coating boards is covered with various wood veneer patterns up to the ceiling. The company was part of the pilot group of the WIMMA project, where the participants’ digital marketing was developed for a half year with the help of experts from Louhos Digital.


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Henkilö esittelee pelin luonnosjulistetta

From an electronic game to a boost for business

Vision Factory specializes in business development of companies using games. The piloting and visual design of the electronic version of InnoBoost was developed as part of the WIMMA project. The game was modified into an electronic form based on the needs of the customers and together with stakeholders.


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Henkilö käyttää eksoskeletonia nostotyössä

Terminator from Järvenpää

Finemal from Järvenpää focuses on enamel coating of steel products. When lifting metal objects, the hands rise above a 90-degree angle, which strains the shoulders. Through the WIMMA project, the company received an external support backbone, or exoskeleton for a month-long testing.


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Henkilö tutkii tuotteen pintaa endoskoopilla

Two hard pilots

Fincoat Oy from Riihimäki makes hard coatings for various industries. The company had a problem: it was difficult to send accurate information from sales trips to the office for calculating offers. A customer visit abroad was approaching, and before that a solution had to be found to improve communication.


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Nuori henkilö tutkii yhteistyörobotin näyttöä

The Cobot in action

At Ritema Oy in Riihimäki, we thought about whether it is worth investing in robotics, because the batch sizes are small. The WIMMA project brought a collaboration robot, or cobot to the company for testing. What were entrepreneur Erja Eiro’s experiences with the pilot?


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Työntekijä ohjaa etualalla olevaa robottia

From cobot more power to production

When the machinist-programmer Tero Palmio of the mechanical workshop Levyx Oy leaves work, the UR10e cobot, or collaboration robot, starts another shift. The robot works non-stop as long as there are enough blanks. The next morning, work is continued following the robot, which means one more shift in productivity.

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Ended projects

TUDI 4.0 – Digital renewal of industry

  • ERDF program project, 11/2019 – 7/2020​
  • A tool for viewing the current state of material operations was developed
  • A survey was made in 31 companies
  • Four piloting of new technologies of company groups were carried out, involving 18 companies
  • A guide for the developer of the material functions of a production company was prepared
  • 25 seminars/workshops/webinars, participants more than 1000 people
  • NPS chapter 51

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POKA – Profitable growth through specialization​

  • ERDF program project, 3/2015 – 8/2017
  • ​ Identification of specialization potential in 112 companies
  • Building international capability in 48 companies
  • Export promotion project in 22 companies
  • 10 seminars, 160 participants
  • NPS chapter 50

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KASKI – Growth and new value with expertise

  • ERDF program project, 9/2016 – 2/2019​
  • The development needs of 86 SMEs were mapped
  • Conceptualization of new services was carried out with 43 companies
  • 30 new or renewed services and 5 internationalization projects
  • The Helsinki Ring of Industry (HRI) concept was developed for regional investment marketing. The work received an honorable mention at the Municipal Marketing Championship.​​
  • NPS chapter 57

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